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Books Your Pets Today| Fascinating Phoenix Pet Hotel In Arizona

For every dog owner, there will be a moment that you need to go away and think about who will be going to look after your four-legged friend. Many dog owners are distressed when they will leave their pet for a long time, especially if it is their first time putting a dog in a kennel. However, there is a facility for dogs that will give them the extra attention they need while you are away.

The boarding kennel for pets can be safe and efficient where you can ensure to stay your four-legged friend into an attentive staff to treat them with the utmost care and love. You can rest assured that the kennel staff will take good care of your dogs and provide you with peace of mind. Although, here is everything you need to know about your dog’s boarding.

What pet services do they offer?

Book today to ensure your four-legged friend is comfortable while you’re on a relaxing vacation. Here are some of the services available:

  • Dog Boarding & Doggy Day Care

Dog boarding or dog daycare is a traditional boarding kennel for pets. In this kennel, pets can feel better and be cared for by staff to ensure that they feel comfortable.

  • Overnight Boarding

An affordable boarding facility for your dogs with the benefits of:

  • Discount per extra dog
  • Discounts for extended stays
  • No extra charge for large dogs
  • Cat Boarding & Kitten Daycare

With cat boarding, your pet will be comfortable and meet all their needs. These are the facilities for a cat such:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cattery – In a recreation environment surrounded by greenery, your pet can enjoy a great deal of adventure inside and out, climbing around, and playing irresistibly without any hassles.
  • Air-conditioned Cat Condos

The interior space for cats will completely relax as they lounge around and nap. It also allows them to bring toys and beddings to make them feel at home.

  • Exotic and Small Pet Boarding

They also provide a room for your small pet, such as birds, fish, rabbits, rodents, and other small animals. The needs of your small animals are the same as those of dogs and cats, including indoor/outdoor rooms and pampered suites.

  • Pet Boarding Relocation

Facilities where all pets are welcome, such as dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, and other small animals.

What does each of their boarding accommodate?

  • Indoor and Outdoor Runs

They have the popular services of indoor and outdoor running tracks, which allow your dogs ( or family of dogs ) to have their privacy and their time in the activities. The room features a climate-controlled environment, and an outdoor area can be a convenient place to run activities to keep your pet active and socialized.

  • Pampered Suites

Pampered Suites is a luxurious place for your pet to make them enjoy walking in the outdoor jog. They accommodate and allow your pet’s blankets, toys, and beddings to make them feel at home.

  • Senior Suites

A senior suite is for dogs with recent illnesses so they can recover in a peaceful environment. They also play classical music and have comfy beds to make them feel comfortable. The windows are open with lots of natural light to get fresh air. The rooms are set in the courtyard with plenty of room for restroom breaks and walking around the yard.

  • Nighttime Care

Pets have cared for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and emergency veterinary services are available.

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