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Know in detail about hemp

Cannabis also called hemp is a plant that belongs to the hemp plant family and has been around since the 3rd millennium BC. In principle, it can be used in many ways, be it as food, ornamental plant, medicine, oil, or others. However, Strongest Delta 8 Gummies are probably best known as a drug and they are also available in the form of hashish and marijuana.

Cannabis plants contain over 400 active compounds. These include around 60 so-called cannabinoids, which have a psychoactive effect and thus influence our feelings and psyche. Only female plants of the genus “Cannabis Sativa” produce the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can lead to intoxication. THC influences our feelings, perceptions and behaviour, memory, mood and consciousness. Depending on the type of hemp and the part of the plant used, the THC content can be lower or higher. Due to breeding, however, it has increased significantly in recent years.

Adolescents don’t have it easy during puberty. School is stressful, parents get on your nerves and your body goes haywire. It is therefore not surprising that cannabis has an attractive effect on them. But especially in young people, cannabis can cause major long-term damage, since the development phase of the brain is not yet complete.

Lots of people just want to try it out and then give it up. Others smoke weed to forget about stress, boredom, and problems at home or school. The motives are varied:

  • Positive effect and high (chilling and switching off, intensification of feelings and sensory perceptions)
  • Others do it too ( friends, acquaintances, family members, …)
  • Curiosity, fascination, need to try something new
  • For boredom and fun (leisure time and habit)
  • Avoid conflicts, flee from tasks, forget problems
  • Group Experience (Affiliation)
  • willingness to experiment
  • the attraction of the forbidden
  • time stress

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