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Is it worth buying a new car? Here are the pros and cons

Buying a new car offers both positive and negative points. Obviously the purchase price is much higher than that expected for a used car or at 0 Km, but it is possible to take advantage of government incentives or promotions of the houses that allow you to significantly reduce the final amount required for the desired model used cars in glendale.

Among the pros of new cars it should be emphasized that these, in addition to not having had any previous owner who may have mistreated the mechanics, can be set up according to personal tastes so as to have an almost tailor-made creation in their hands. Among the cons , the most prominent element is the immediate devaluation of the VAT immediately after the purchase.

The investment price is lesser than for car and the devaluation slower – the earlier owner has already consumed the impact of the devaluation over the initial two years of the car’s life.

If the car has been used little, it may still be under warranty or have specific service programs – many manufacturers guarantee the car for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers; Hyundai was the first and extended the warranty to 7 years or 200,000 kilometers.

You can utilize the car willingly and not constantly be on verge like fresh ones – in the possibility of gashes or dents, a few marks on the upholstery, particularly if you have children or transport animals, you can walk over them in style.

You can purchase a safer, wider, more strong, better competent and larger car for the similar rate as a new, shorter portion.

If you purchase a used hand car from a merchant with a guaranteed used program , the car is almost as good as new, with long-term service programs.

If you shift cars often, second hand cars make additional sense because used cars miss value more gradually.

If you buy a car from a private individual, there are less start-up costs

Insurance is much cheaper.

Reliability and service booklet . Maybe a used car owner will sell you a car that hasn’t given them a headache since it left the factory, but that’s not a guarantee that something won’t go wrong within a week of the change of ownership.

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