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About IB Diploma Programme: A Preparation for Higher Education

Getting ready for the real world at the tertiary level?

There are many universities around the world and students will never run out of choices. But going through admission to universities or higher education is both exciting and frightening. It is because of the different world with different responsibilities.

Students in Years 12 to 13 today must take seriously where they would go in college. To ensure that a student will be equipped to enter into their chosen university, do not hesitate to take the IB Diploma Programme at Chatsworth International School. It is a broad international curriculum that is designed to teach and guide high school students today toward their next steps.

About IB Diploma

The International Baccalaureate or (IB) Diploma Programme is a great transformative educational journey taken by students of today’s generation. In preparation for being in higher education, they must take the best program that will equip them for the next steps. This is why Chatsworth is the best choice for many parents today. Through seeing how educators are committed and passionate in imparting knowledge and experiences to their students, they are the top choice of both parents and the young generation seeking quality education today.

Academic excellence is what Chatsworth is committed to doing. They ensure that educators are passionate about the holistic development of every student. No doubt that their students will go through the next steps of their academic journey being ready and equipped. Through having the heart towards learning, students are achieving the best version of themselves. This international school is indeed a home of educational innovation.

What is more about Chatsworth’s Programme?

Here, their high school diploma singapore will encourage the students to think critically. They are also taught how to interact and respect, which makes way for them to learn how to act right in different situations. Through nurturing the young ones today, they will surely have a bright future ahead of them.

Discover more about the IB Diploma Programme Subjects by reaching out at (65) 64633201. Aside from the core subjects, students will also go through the following:

  • The Extended Essay (EE)
  • Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • University Advising

Everything that the young ones need in preparation for stepping into the tertiary level or higher education is here! It simply shows how wide learning opportunities are being provided to all students. It just opens more or limitless possibilities for every young one. Support them now and be along the journey of their academic and life’s success.


Imran Weldon

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