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Why You Should Choose To Install Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a great option for those looking to add some life and warmth to their home. There are many reasons why people choose laminate wood floors over other types of flooring, including its low cost; ease of laminate flooring products installation; no worries about warping or scratches; and the wide variety of finishes available.

There are also different types of laminate wood flooring available. There are hardwood-look floors, which have the look and feel of real wood floors, but with many benefits.

These include:

  • No need to sand or stain; this helps save time and money.
  • The look is naturally beautiful and does not require any special treatment or maintenance.
  • The grain patterns can match the existing floor for a seamless transition. If a hallway is being used as a bedroom or an office, the wider planks give a more spacious appearance.
  • Laminate wood floors are naturally stain-resistant, so they need very little to no maintenance.
  • They require no cross-sealing, unlike many other types of flooring, which helps make them ideal for homes with little to no carpet.

Laminate wood floors are made from glued-together layers of wood fibre, with a finish sprayed over them. The glue dries in about two days and can be sanded down for a more natural look (or kept if the laminate is not used on bare flooring). It’s important to note that the glue will only last for 2-3 years; after this time, it will start to fail and needs replacing.

Laminate wood floors begin as layers of solid wood (sometimes a plywood core is added), which are glued together. These layers are then glued to form a sheet, which is then cut and sanded for the final finish.

  • Solid wood laminate flooring creates a natural look, with no need to stain or polish.
  • Laminate floors don’t scratch or fade like most hardwood-looking flooring; they are much more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Laminate floors do not need any maintenance, so they’re perfect for homes with little carpeting or rugs. They can be sanded and refinished easily if necessary, just like any other type of flooring.
  • Laminate floors are very low maintenance and require almost no upkeep. They can be cleaned with a vacuum and a wet/dry mop, then simply use water and vinegar to clean up any spills.
  • With these floors, you can choose between different finishes (such as cherry, oak, or maple) and colors, including honey, white oak, black cherry, Pierson oak, natural maple, and natural walnut.

There are many different types of laminate flooring available today. Some may come with a protective layer on top that makes them even easier to install; other options will require the flooring to be glued together once installed.

Some laminate wood flooring options fall into the category of ‘hard wood-look flooring,’ which gives a natural look and feel to the surface with no need to layer or glue. These floors are made from real oak or maple, among other types of wood. They have been treated with a clear varnish that allows the grain pattern and knots to show through. These floors can be sanded and finished with a stain or polish, depending on your preferences.

These types of laminate wood floors are best for homes that have carpeting or rugs on every level because they’ll stand out in such a clean and polished way against the rest of your home’s flooring.

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