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Use Circuit Breakers Instead of Fuses for Motor Protection

To safeguard people and equipment against short circuits, circuit overloads, and other sorts of defects, only fuses were employed in electrical distribution systems at first. Then came circuit breakers, which had numerous advantages over fuses. Motor protection is critical for processing and manufacturing activities to sustain productivity. Fuse have traditionally been used in this application because they are less expensive than circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers, on the other hand, have advanced significantly in recent years. When modern circuit breakers are compared to fuses, it becomes clear how circuit breakers may assist machine makers and facility management teams in achieving higher safety and dependability, cheaper costs, and assistance for energy management initiatives.

Effortless Execution

One disadvantage of fuses is that as they age, their function might deteriorate, even leading them to open under normal circumstances. Furthermore, because a fuse cannot be tested, you will never understand the precise current value that will cause it to open. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, are tested during production and can be retested throughout operation to guarantee that performance is maintained.

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Extra Safeguarding

A circuit breaker’s breaking capacity can be higher than that of comparable fuses. A circuit breaker can trip 1000 times faster than a fuse under overload situations. Some circuit breakers additionally have exceptional fault current restriction, which was previously only available from fuses. This not only ensures reliable security, but it also slows the aging of assets and increases their useful life. Another point to remember is that it’s fairly uncommon for only one of the three fuses to blow, leaving a motor to continue to run on two phases and potentially overloading. A circuit breaker, on the other hand, will always break all three phases at the same time. Kindly contact electrician near Tulsa, OK for more information.

Cost Efficient

A single fuse is substantially less expensive than a circuit breaker, as previously stated. When calculating the total cost of an installation, however, there are certain additional fees to consider. The first is that a three-phase circuit requires three fuses, each of which requires the purchase of a fuse base. Second, unlike circuit breakers, fuses lack built-in switching capabilities, necessitating the usage of an upstream switch.

Circuit breakers, unlike fuses, can be improved with extra features such as ground fault prevention. They also make it possible for breakers to communicate with one another. The most sophisticated circuit breakers provide a wide range of functions in a small package, with flexible designs that allow for field upgrades.

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