Understanding the Multi-channel Network (MCN) – Videonomics Monarch Beach Summit 2013

Posted 5 years ago by Jeremy Walker

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW-F_Fzx3hY’]

Attracting a scaleable audience in a brand safe environment is a major concern as marketers shift more and more media dollars to online. In this panel led by YouTube’s Jamie Byrne we’ll get to understand the role MCNs play on YouTube, how the lines are being blurred between UGC and premium content, and how brands are taking advantage of the new opportunities being created in this ecosystem.

Jamie Byrne, Director, Content Strategy — YouTube

Kevin Doohan, EVP, Marketing — Machinima
Karl House, VP, Sales — DECA
Stephanie Horbaczewski, President & CEO — StyleHaul
Rich Raddon, Co-Founder, Co-CEO — ZEFR