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Things to Inspect Before Purchasing Used Cars

There is a myriad of things to inspect before purchasing used cars in georgetown sc. This list is not exhaustive, but it provides a good general outline of what to look for.

What to Look For

  1. Exterior

Look for a clean undercarriage. If there are any rust spots, they should be small and not in-progress. There should also not be any dents or significant body damage.

  1. Interior

Check for the following: steering wheel, air conditioning vents, usual wear and tear that an interior would have from being driven (where the button is loose to where it doesn’t work anymore). Look over the overall condition of the car to see if there is any noticeable damage from accidents or being towed. Check all gauges as well as making sure that they work properly before purchasing a used car.

  1. Engine

Check the block and head for signs of excessive wear. Look over the undercarriage again and look for any noticeable damage. Some older cars are prone to engine gasket leaks, especially those that have been accident-damaged. Check for oil leaks around the timing belt cover as well as a leaking timing belt. There should not be any oil dripping out of the valve cover. Look for unusual noises such as a clacking noise from around the timing belt cover, or a pounding noise from over-revving (when all four cylinders are firing at once.)

Best Used Cars You Can Purchase

  1. Transmission/Transfer Case

Look for excessive gear whine caused by worn gears, or other issues with the transmission or accessories (power steering pump, electric fans).

  1. Brakes

Check for leaking brake fluid near the master cylinder or other components. Make sure there is enough brake pad left on the rotors for safe braking. Check for unusual noises such as a screeching sound when applying the brakes, or any vibration felt in the steering wheel.

  1. Electrical/Other

Check that all lights and turn signals work properly as well as wipers, air conditioner, radio, heated seats (if applicable), power windows, etc.. Other things to check are electrical work (such as parking lamps not working) or any check engine light that may be illuminated.

  1. Tires

Look at tires and make sure they are of adequate tread depth and are free of nail holes. Check for excessive wear and tear, as well as any scratches or scuffs on the tires.

  1. Lubricants (oil/fuel)

Look over all fluid levels and make sure that oil is not leaking from the engine or around the timing belt cover.

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