The New Video Toolbox: Making TV Advertising Even More Powerful – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

Posted 4 years ago by Jeremy Walker


Armed with new media channels, data, and technology Kris Magel will share how marketers will not only survive but thrive in the modern Videonomic landscape. As a lifelong TV buyer, Kris is no stranger to the power of video advertising or today’s challenges: TV usage falling while prices climb, the rise of DVR viewing, cross screen consumption exploding while younger audiences fragment.

Amongst the many evolutions that Kris will discuss:

-The transition to viewing video wholistically including: traditional TV, on-demand across all screens, digital, cinema and place-based.
-A more competitive landscape: adding high quality impressions at efficient prices to the TV marketplace
-Greater use of data and technology to deliver efficient, incremental reach and attention to every ad
-The influx of high quality original programming, distributed across more players and platforms, ultimately resulting in more choice and greater efficiency for advertisers

To check out the slides:

Kris Magel, Chief Investment Officer at Initiative