RPA: The Reports of TV’s Death have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Posted 3 years ago by Jeremy Walker

Lisa Herdman

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RPA: The Reports of TV’s Death have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Lisa Herdman, SVP, Director of National Broadcast and Branded Entertainment at RPA builds off of Brendan Condon’s thesis from a marketer’s perspective. “TV ratings are declining because measurement has not kept up with what viewers are doing.” Lisa notes, it is simplistic to say money is shifting to digital because ratings are declining. Measurement is a major issue but money is most often shifting because client objectives are shifting. For example, if your objective is more of a lead generation plan you might move money to digital. Once we can establish measurement that tracks what people are actually doing; how they are viewing programming on a time shifted basis or online we’ll see TV is stronger than it is being portrayed in the headlines.

Lisa says a huge part of the TV measurement fix is the rise of addressable TV via distributors like Hulu, the networks’ websites, DISH, and DirecTV. “What this is doing is proving what we unfortunately haven’t been able to prove; that tv works.” She adds, “the more we can go in this direction the better.” The rise of addressable not withstanding, there are resources in TV that help with targeting today; we have MRI, demographic information, and buying strategies that meet up with objectives. Though Lisa shies away from programmatic (in TV) she is bullish on using data to buy TV.