Personalization + Programmatic x Mobile = Modern Marketing – Duncan Houldsworth

Posted 3 years ago by Jeremy Walker

Duncan Houldsworth

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Personalization + Programmatic x Mobile = Modern Marketing

Duncan Houldsworth, EVP, Executive Director of Data Strategy at Deutsch tied all of this together for me. Personalization of experience is key. We are now capable of marketing on an as good as 1:1 basis with video & content advertising. This means marketers need to make content people want, campaigns that aren’t interruptive in the same old way. Duncan acknowledges not all brand strategies have caught up to the technology that enables personalization and similarly, there is not always technology capable of matching the brands’ wants. The result? Marketing becomes a blend between ambition around personalization and what technolgy and data can deliver for us.

Similar to Scott’s points around completion rates and viewability, Duncan sees too much debate around programmatic & mobile. The programmatic debate is irrelevant, it is one way of doing business. It creates efficiencies that help create reach around personalization. Mobile is the same way, it just is. You can’t launch campaigns without taking mobile into account. Some platforms don’t even have desktop versions. Content has to be original and shareable. Thats how you pass the engagement hurdle.