Bridget Jewell

Creative Director at Periscope

Bridget has a passion for finding fun, innovative and interesting ways for brands to activate their brand ambassadors and create and interact with online communities. At Periscope, she does just that for brands like Trolli, Del Monte Fresh, Toro and Target.

From Snapchat and Instagram to who knows what’s next, you’ll often find her eyes glued to her phone or trying to capture what’s happening around her to share online. When she’s out and about, her friends and family find extreme embarrassment from her snooping on the younger generation as they are glued to their phones to find out what exactly it is that keeps their attention or gets them excited.

Bridget joined Periscope in 2013 after six years of working on the client side. She grew in her role at Mall of America and was most recently senior manager of public relations and social media, responsible for strategy and implementation of media relations, social media and public relations campaigns.

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