National Advertisers Looking for Scale: TV & Digital Are Different Mediums

Posted 3 years ago by Jeremy Walker

Brendan Condon

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National Advertisers Looking for Scale: TV & Digital Are Different Mediums

Brendan Condon is CEO of Media Property Holdings a company that helps brands reach TV audiences via CPM & CPA campaigns. Having spent plenty of time in digital Brendan has a unique perspective on what bridging the gap between TV and digital video means to large national advertisers who need scale.

On one hand, Brendan notes, marketers think digital provides better targeted audience at scale than any other medium. And that’s just a falsehood. Brendan argues that TV has brought consumers to the forefront of whatever brand you are trying to market. TV is targeting at scale.

He sees that what digital has done really well is itemize & quantify who those people are, what they are doing, and how they are behaving. It is the measurement that makes digital interesting. As digital has evolved to include video the natural inclination is to compare it to TV but these are different mediums, says Brendan. Screen size, task based usage, micro content consumption viewers don’t have the same patience for commercials as they do in TV. It is not about melding both mediums into one it is about using them to the best of their strengths.

We have hit a wonderful time for marketers; digital has evolved and is finally being sold in a mature way. Marketers have seen huge changes in the transparency of ad networks, what media they are getting access to, and where their dollars are going. What gets Brendan excited is this maturity has opened up new efficiencies like programmatic that bring scale. The more solid and transparent of a marketplace, the more you want to put down roots in that marketplace.