My Mobile Cheat Sheet for the Newfronts

Posted 3 years ago by Ty Braswell

As I prepped for all the shenanigans associated with the digital Newfronts this week in NYC, I started to go deep into last week’s Q1 reports from big players in the mobile space along with their clever maneuvering and positioning for the competitive landscape of what IAB is calling the “Biggest NewFronts Yet!” What started out as a simple cheat sheet to help me feel hip & current on all the mobile facts quickly evolved into a hefty PowerPoint that had my kids asking “Mom, why is Dad working and not taking us to the beach?”

Inspiration to be digitally savvy gave me the impetus to pull together a mobile industry update with a few relevant articles, updated mobile video stats, deep dives in the landscape of mobile advertising, and various other random tidbits. I wanted to have plenty of data-rich ammo for those Newfront cocktail parties. I shared everything I found with my colleagues at VMA Media, and they suggested we pass them on to you.

Check out the full report for all of this and then some, and be armed with all the stats, charts, and predictions you could ever need for your next presentation on mobile!

Click here to download: Mobile Update 2015


No doubt about it, mobile video will be a big part of the conversation this week at the Newfronts, especially in regards to reaching mobile video’s core – the elusive Millennial. Some big questions to be answered are: How do we innovate creatively with brand integrations in this smaller screen world? Where are we going creatively with the new ad units for all those Millennials glued to their smartphone screens? And of course…how do we measure all this new stuff?

As you dig deep into the data, one message is clear: if you are not fully engaged in the mobile game with your marketing strategy, you are just sitting on the bench waiting for the coach to send you back to the minors.

Take a look and let us know what resonated with you.

Hope to see you at Mobilenomics June 7-9 at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, UT!

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