Jimmy Kimmel Live Brand Integrations Online and On Air – Videonomics Monarch Beach Summit 2013

Posted 5 years ago by Jeremy Walker

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Jimmy Kimmel Live has transformed late night by embracing online audiences as well as creating content rich advertising opportunities. These brand partnerships cut across the show and newly launched online properties such as Jash. As overall late night talk show ratings have fragmented and dropped off necessity has been the mother of Kimmel’s re-invention. This is a fight for survival. Kimmel has gone viral (see anything with Matt Damon or the more recent twerking fail video hoax) to meet his audience online. Doug sits at the crossroads of Kimmel’s media empire crafting deals with brands both on air and online.

Angie Hill is the GM of Consumer Marketing for Skype and has worked with Doug to create the Skype Scavenger Hunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This sponsorship has been so popular they are expanding a new run. When it comes to content deals like these Videonomics sees the same questions coming up again and again from brands: how do they get made? Where do the ideas come from? How is this sold within the brand? How active is the brand in the campaign? What does a good partner look like? How far out are these planned? How does the brand look at ROI?

Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer — Horizon Media
Douglas DeLuca, Co-Executive Producer — Jimmy Kimmel Live
Angie Hill, GM, Consumer Marketing — Skype