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How To Compare Shipping Rates

Do you want to find the best shipping rates for your purchase? Shipping Rates Depot is the premier online resource for comparing shipping rates across carriers. perbandingan harga, layanan Dakota Cargo Surabaya offers hundreds of carriers, with thousands of real-time quotes to compare in seconds and choose the carrier that works best for you. Here are tips to compare shipping rates:

Consider Size and Weight

Shipping rates vary according to size and weight of your shipment. The more products you purchase, the lower the rate becomes. For example, FedEx Express’s online calculator offers a free shipping discount for orders shipped as part of a multiple-item purchase on any size package. So choose your packages wisely and see if there are shipping discounts that you may be eligible for.

Make Sure You Get What You Want

Shipping rates can sometimes appear misleading or confusing. Don’t assume that the quote you get is the final price you will pay. For example, if shipping your order ground shipping, be aware that the quote may not include insurance or a tracking number. Shipping Rates Depot will provide you with full quotes for your items including any additional fees or charges so that there are no surprises at delivery time.

Don’t Forget About Packaging

Shipping rates can vary with your purchase depending on whether you ship by ground or by air. For example, some carriers charge a per-pound fee for air shipping. It’s important to know how much weight your items actually weigh to make sure that you don’t overpay for shipping.

Don’t Forget about Taxes and Fees

Shipping rates can also vary with the additional taxes and fees that are charged on top of the price of the item itself. For example, some carriers charge a handling fee for ground shipping. You may also see a per-pound or per-item fee for air shipping.



Understand Declining Shipping Rates

Shipping rates can decrease as the day of delivery approaches. If you’re interested in finding out how much your shipment will cost, check out the current list of rates at Shipping Rates Depot to see if there are any discounts to be had.

Know the Weather

Shipping rates can vary depending on the season. In the summer, most shipments will ship via air because it’s faster and more cost effective. However, in colder months ground shipping is typically less expensive.

Know Your Zip Codes

Shipping Rates Depot offers you enormous savings on shipping rates, but only if you are willing to optimize your package by weighing it down and know how your zip code impacts shipping charges.

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