Great Brand Storysharing = Great Content + Shareable Distribution – John Bohan

Posted 3 years ago by Jeremy Walker

John Bohan

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Great Brand Storysharing = Great Content + Shareable Distribution

John Bohan, CEO & Founder of Socialtyze knows that brand storytelling has changed. Highly curated messages developed in cold conference rooms are dying. “We’ve always been storytellers. We now live in an environment where we can start an amazing story and let the consumer finish it.” When done right, consumers will share this story with other people. John sees examples of this in what Deluxe has done by creating stories around small businesses to help small businesses.

So how do you start these stories? It starts with the content itself. John is not a fan of content that isn’t viral or shared. He thinks of this as messaging for further down the funnel or once you have established a relationship with the customer. So many advertisers are stuck talking about themselves rather than speaking to customers. If the story you are telling is worth sharing it most likely has value to your customer.

Next up is getting distribution right. There are a myriad of choices for sharing your video content: YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, etc. Marketers need to determine (if you have the budget) how will you communicate in each platform? Start by identifying the strengths of each platform as well as how the platform is used for sharing by your distinct audience. In general John sees Youtube as great for distributing high quality video but it is not a social network, Facebook is great for garnering large views and enabling sharing & virility, but then the choices break down to audiences. If you are trying to reach teens and early 20’s then Vine & Snapchat are great spots.