Going Viral is Not a Video Strategy – Videonomics Monarch Beach Summit 2013

Posted 5 years ago by Jeremy Walker

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5eJhqANP8Q’]

Every day, brands ask their agencies to create viral videos, hoping that they can breakthrough to consumers in new and entertaining ways. Sadly, most of these videos are not executed correctly; therefore, they fail miserably and many actually have a detrimental impact on the brand. Done right, investing in online video can produce results that absolutely justify the spend. In this presentation, Jordan Berg (Founding Partner of Questus and Executive Producer of The Naked Brand Documentary), shows the strategies, tactics and painstaking steps that winning brands like Dove, Chipotle, and Samsung go through to make videos that not only go viral, but also drive brand revenue.

Jordan Berg, Co-Founder — Questus