Fireside Chat: How CBS is Bringing New ROI to Advertisers – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

Posted 4 years ago by Jeremy Walker


In this candid discussion with Initiative’s Kris Magel, David will share how he (and CBS) are working with advertisers to make a more effective use of TV and to directly show ROI on that effectiveness. We’ll hear how media companies are working to better understand consumer behavior and provide advertisers with insights to better reach their target audiences.

CBS’s David Poltrack is one of the most respected executives in media. He is no stranger to the world of Videonomics: Poltrack oversees all research operations at CBS encompassing audience measurement, market research, program testing, advertising research, and monitoring of the national and international video marketplace.

But the 40 year veteran has not rested on his laurels; CBS has brought new measurement and research abilities to create more comprehensive evaluation tools for its media. This can be seen in CBS’s January deal with Rentrak which aims to combine viewing data with product purchase data.

David F. Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation – President, CBS VISION
Kris Magel, Chief Investment Officer – Initiative