Fireside Chat: Bringing Online Targeting To Television – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

Posted 4 years ago by Jeremy Walker


Dave Morgan is no stranger to targeting at scale. As the founder of TACODA, an online behavioral targeting company that was acquired by AOL and Real Media, one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies Dave had many times over pioneered a new breed of targeting tools.

As CEO and founder of Simulmedia he is applying data and targeting technologies used in online advertising to TV advertising. Their goal: to help advertisers reach specific audiences more efficiently and for broadcasters to better monetize under-appreciated inventory.

The race to bring programmatic buying and selling practices to TV has had its challenges. The practicalities of technology, access to inventory, and changing how agencies buy are large hurdles. In this candid conversation find how how Dave sees the industry progressing towards a TV marketplace with the power of online technology.

Dave Morgan, CEO & Founder of Simulmedia
Kris Magel, Chief Investment Officer at Initiative