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Features of a workplace wellness program malaysia


In many businesses, employees may end up leading sedentary lifestyles as a result of the nature of their job. They may spend hours at a table working on a computer, which could be very harmful to their health physically and cause a lot of damage in the long run. Therefore, to encourage their employees to inculcate healthier habits, a business can integrate a workplace wellness program malaysia, a program specifically designed for employees in a corporate firm to improve upon their health and fitness.

What are the important features of a workplace wellness program Malaysia?

Setting up challenges – The program operates on a system of challenges related to health and activity. These challenges are prepared and presented to the employees, which they have to complete as a daily goal, thus encouraging them to carry out exercises and fitness activities so that they can achieve the goal by themselves. The activities are also customizable according to the physical information of the individual so that it is tailored to what their body needs. These goals are further recorded so that an individual can see how they have managed to keep up with the exercise program.

Exercise is rewarded by points – The key system which the program depends upon is the exchange of points once an individual finishes the exercises and challenges presented by the application. These reward the participants for engaging with the challenge and can help them get more motivated to pursue better fitness and health in the future. The point system can also act as tangible proof that the individual has prioritized their health.

workplace wellness program malaysia

Keeping a track of the leaderboard – The program has been integrated with software that displays the statistics on the activities of all participants. This way, an individual can comprehend where they stand in points in comparison to their peers and other employees. These comparisons would motivate them to exercise more and earn more points so that they can be part of the health-driven community at the workplace.

Lifestyle suggestions – Apart from fitness, the application also focuses on improving an individual’s relationship with food. The program may suggest healthy food and dishes that an individual can consume not only to improve physical fitness but also the functioning of organs, boosting immunity and preventing other diseases and disorders. It also suggests what restaurants and eating options an individual can depend upon to improve their diet substantially.


In today’s time, there is a lot of focus on improving physical fitness, not only for appearance but also for stamina and overall body health. Therefore, many businesses are incorporating projects like a workplace wellness program Malaysia to improve the health of the employees who are often restricted to a sedentary lifestyle because of the nature of their work.

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