DISH TV: Ratings Might Be Down But ROI is Going Up – Adam Gaynor

Posted 3 years ago by Jeremy Walker

Adam Gaynor

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DISH TV: Ratings Might Be Down But ROI is Going Up

“Ratings are in decline. Pay TV subscribers are in decline. But, TV is still the most powerful medium. TV is stronger than ever,” says Mr. Gaynor. Might leave one scratching their head. How can that be?

In this interview, Adam describes how the TV industry, and Dish specifically, is adapting the way TV is delivered to meet the needs of today‚Äôs mobile consumer and provide advertisers with data-driven, addressable opportunities that allow them to find the right consumer at the right time. Mr. Gaynor is excited about the future of TV and particularly how big data is providing more efficiency for TV advertisers. “It’s not only using data on the front end to find the right consumer wherever they are, but on the back end to validate the message was received and acted on.” That may be the promise of TV of the future, but how accessible is it today? Check out Adam’s comments about video conversion and the opportunities of leveraging data for video investments. It’s a real peek into the future of the medium and the future just might already be here.