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Cut down your construction timing using ERP software

The construction industry is a highly competitive industry with too many time constraints including many tasks involving conception, design, procurement, pre-construction, actual construction, and post-construction. Also, numerous stakeholders in the project need the details related to the project from time to time. Manually handling such an enormous amount of information is very time-consuming and manual entry of data is prone to errors. Sharing and receiving various types of data with multiple people also becomes hectic.

As time is the most precious asset anyone holds. In this digital era, the digitalization of manual work is rapidly increasing to save time and enhance work quality. This involves the automation of repetitive tasks and no need for manual entry of data. This also enables to use of data for analyzing the performance. This results in increased productivity and decreased construction time and expense.

Yonyou company is also providing erp software for construction industry that offers different products and services to improve the efficiency of the construction industry and saves time. It eliminates all repetitive tasks done in the industry and provides an interface where all the work can easily be done with just a few clicks.

erp software for construction industry

What is ERP software?

ERP software is an Enterprise resource planning software that helps to manage all the aspects of the business on a single platform. It provides many services like Asset Management, Contract Management, Claim Management, etc. All these services automate many manual tasks and improve the work quality and efficiency of the employee by enabling them to focus on more important tasks. This increases the productivity of the company and also reduces the time of the project cycle. This software also enables different stakeholders to view the real data at any time, this eliminates the need of sharing data among multiple users. This improves decision-making and reduces the chances of error.


Services provided by Yonyou’s ERP software:

  • Asset Management- This enables real-time tracking of the inventory with easier management of the transfer of assets and maintenance of stocks.
  • Contract Management- Enables the relevant stakeholders to make changes in the data which will be reflected by all the stakeholders enabling centralized data. It provides proper control over the authorization of different stakeholders.
  • Claim Management- It involves digitalization of the payments and claim process with the real-time report and shortening operation time.
  • Drawing Management- It fastens up the flow of data transfer among different members enabling information asymmetry among all the members which strict authorization control.


Yonyou provides different types of services that help construction companies to reduce their operating costs, lessen project life cycles, and enabled them to achieve higher-quality project delivery. Some of Yonyou company’s major clients are TCL, Canon, P&G, etc.

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