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Construction Clean up Services in Charlotte and Surrounding Areas

Construction cleanliness includes not only new home construction but also decorating and cleaning requirements. In the case of new construction, the building cleaning process is carried out in three stages. Depending on the scope of your project, you may only need to perform some of these services. Let us discuss about Construction clean-up services in Charlotte.


It is important to clean the space on the construction site before adding final items (such as flooring) because it ensures that the final installation is clean and safe. This type of construction site cleaning generally includes all of the following:

  • Cleaning and preparing floor underlayment for carpets, tiles, etc.
  • Clean all inner windows
  • Dust removal surface

After the final components are installed, a more thorough and detailed internal cleaning should be performed. The details of this cleaning method vary from room to room. For example, kitchens and bathrooms require specialised care, including cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and countertops. However, a good final interior cleaning always includes a few key tasks:

Front and interior cleaning of cabinets, dusting and scrubbing of countertops and shelves, cleaning sinks and backsplashes, cleaning the exterior of appliances (stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave). , washing dishwasher), cleaning small appliances (microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker), cleaning all surfaces and dusting, cleaning inside windows, cleaning windowsill and rails, dusting and / o Clean baseboards, clean wall and baseboard marks, knobs, door frames, doors, light switch cleaning, trash removal, vacuuming and floor cleaning.

Other Cleaning facilities:

Sink cleaned and sanitized, Bathtub, shower walls, glass doors cleaned and sanitized, Toilet inside and out cleaned and sanitized, Mirrors cleaned, Cabinets front and inside cleaned, Countertops and shelves dusted and wiped, All surfaces dusted and wiped, Windows inside cleaned, All surfaces dusted, Closets front and inside cleaned, Carpeted floors vacuumed, Hard surface floors vacuumed and damp-mopped, Mirrors cleaned,Windowsills cleaned, Baseboards dusted and wiped, Marks on walls and baseboards cleaned, Doorknob, doorframes, doors, light switches cleaned, Fireplace inside vacuumed and wiped, and all the leftover trash removed.

This is usually the trickiest part of our post-construction cleanup. In major renovations, additions, and new constructions, there will be confusion both inside and outside the house. Finally, thorough exterior cleaning will remove excess garbage in the house, prepare for the final stages of landscaping and paving, and usually increase the containment appeal of the house. This phase of the project includes:

 removal of all trash from the property, including wood and debris, removal of the protective film (Goop) on windows and glass, cleaning of windows and exterior doors, cleaning and dusting of entrance doors, sweeping and Pressure wash driveways, and any other paved surfaces, clean bricks, and hard surfaces, i.e. gutters, fascia, eaves, terrace tiles and other things, and dust all external lights.

These are what the Construction clean-up services in Charlotte and neighbouring places are ought to provide.

Imran Weldon

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