All you need is (love of) video

Posted 6 years ago by Michael Estrin

We love you, video. Everywhere we look, you’ve got something new for us to watch. And nearly everyday, you give us a potential game-changer. Video — whether its on your desktop, laptop, tablet, gas pump, or (gasp!) TV — is a great beat. It’s also gigantic. Sharing video news will be a critical part of what we do here. But our primary function is to make sense of that news, to put it in context.

Our first post just happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Call it one of life’s happy accidents. While it may not appear on a balance sheet or show up in the metrics, love is an essential ingredient for video. Producers create content they hope consumers will love. And if they do love the video, they will share it. The video business is driven by technology, data, and economics. But it’s also driven by people. And people want to make, share, and watch videos they love.

Now here are some links we hope you’ll love.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading!

Data that backs up something you already knew. Doesn’t everyone augment their TV watching with a phone, tablet, or laptop? Per eMarketer, the majority of us multitask while channel surfing. And yes, marketers (the smart ones anyway) are taking note.

DVR + Cloud. Barry Diller and IAC are backing a startup called Aereo. It’s sort of like  Slingbox in the cloud. TechCrunch explains.

The Gold standard? 2012 is an Olympic year, and we’re going to hear a lot about multi-platform viewing habits. Here’s a Variety story on NBCU’s partnership with Google and comScore to find out if you’re really watching fencing on your iPad, while tweeting about track, and tuning in during primetime to watch gymnastics. It should be a data bonanza for marketers, but are the Olympics the ultimate case study for brand marketers? It’s a question we’ll follow through the summer.

Who makes these Web originals? Well, if you live in LA or NYC it feels like everyone you know is shooting a Web series. But Hulu has a nice Q&A with the creator of its first original scripted series. And yes, they do make original content over at Hulu.

Live and very social. We didn’t book our tickets to Brazil for Carnival. But YouTube is taking us there anyway. The company’s blog outlines how YouTube, Google Plus, and Orkut will team up to bring live Carnival content to users. And while it’s not exactly TV, Google Plus and Orkut are expected to make the video more social. So it’s worth a look for those curious about social television.

A huge audience for zombies. Just over 8 million people tuned in to watch AMC’s “Walking Dead.” The show was a billed as mid-season premiere (which seems like an oxymoron). Regardless, the zombies more or less killed it on a night when most people were expected to watch the Grammys. Check the numbers at DHD. And if you find yourself asking whether the cable/network distinction makes sense anymore given the huge audiences for channels like AMC, TNT, and USA, you’re not alone.

Think TV is dead? Mark Cuban says you’re dead wrong . A lot to digest here, so save this long(ish) Cuban post for when you have a few minutes.

Just shoot the ad. To promote the Ps3 shooter “Twisted Metal” Deutsch LA created a microsite that allows gamers to lineup for a chance to fire a real machine gun at an ice cream truck. That’s live video worth watching. See the trailer.

Finally, all you need is love (and a latte). A Valentine from those sweethearts at Starbucks.

Starbucks Valentine