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AEP Ohio Rates – Why Switching To A Different Energy Provider Could Save You Money

You’ll have to shop around if are looking for the best deal on your AEP Ohio Rates. While the utility will continue to provide electricity, switching to a different supplier could save you money.

Ohio is currently a market that is not regulated for energy. That means suppliers can set their own rates so you can select the energy provider that suits your needs the best. Compare plans and costs to find the most affordable deal. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best provider.

Over the past few years AEP Ohio’s service reliability has improved. They have implemented programs to remove trees that could cause outages, and they are working to ensure that electric lines are clear.

Customers are being affected by a rate hike. The company has requested the approval of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. This will lead to an increase of a significant amount in AEP Ohio Rates. The new rates will include riders that will help pay for programs that improve the reliability of the system.

AEP Ohio is a utility that provides electricity to 1.5 million Ohioans. They offer services in Canton, Jefferson County, as well as Columbus. Customers can choose from numerous providers to get electricity and other energy services. Currently, the Price to Compare website lets you select a plan that is suitable for your needs. It also lets you compare electricity rates from different providers.

As we transition to the new generation rate structure, AEP Ohio’s residential rates are anticipated to increase by at an average of 33 cents a month. For the next four and a half years, the rates will follow a market-based structure. The company will invest $2.2 million in reliability-focused projects during this time. This includes a smart grid project, which will include real-time data on usage and improvements to reliability.

AEP Ohio will continue to supply electricity to larger businesses in the future. These businesses tend to use large amounts on a regular basis. This means that they are likely to experience a less rate of increase than other consumers.

The Ohio Public Utilities Commission is expected to decide on the power price proposal in the summer. You are still able to submit written comments to PUCO until the time of the decision. You can also go online and request that the commission hold hearings. These hearings should be scheduled before June. Interested parties can also write to the PUCO’s office at 180 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

AEP Ohio is not the only provider in the state that has increased its electric rates. Charles Patton, president of Appalachian Power, requested a rate hike. Other Ohio utilities, including Columbus Southern Power, have faced rate increases.

Consumer advocates have expressed concerns that the public will be overcharged. AEP Ohio’s customer plans contained more than $800 million in untrue charges. These charges were declared illegal by the Ohio Supreme Court earlier this year.

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