Best Practice: Using Data to Improve Video Creative – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2013

Posted 5 years ago by Jeremy Walker

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The great promise of digital video is the ability to target audiences with exceptional granularity.  There have been very real achievements on this front, however, a key problem remains effectively unsolved — what is the best content to present to those targets.  Pulling from its database of more than 25,000 television and web ads, Ace Metrix will talk about the elements of video advertising that are resonating on television, on the web and what ads are succeeding in both venues.  Ace Metrix will discuss trends in longer form online storytelling as well as the move toward applying more traditional :15 second spots in an “impressions” driven approach. The ultimate goal will be to spark a conversation around the development of a more sophisticated model by which to optimize reach, target and content across both platforms.

Jonathan Symonds, Vice President, Marketing – Ace Metrix

Download the presentation here: Ace Metrix