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4 Security Checklist Before Selling Your House

Your house requires a number of essential procedures, such as getting rid of clutter and doing small repairs. But there’s one thing you should never forget to do before putting your home up for sale: go through a safety checklist to make sure you, your household, and any prospective buyers are protected. Stumped for ideas? Utilize our safety checklist to make their property as secure as possible before showing it to potential buyers.

Security Checklist for Listings

  1. Protect Firearms

Recent studies have shown that 42 percent of American homes have a handgun present. All guns should be locked and secured throughout home viewings and open houses to avoid any accidents or deaths. For this reason, the National Rifle Associations recommends keeping weapons locked, empty, and out of reach while they are not in use. To make sure weapons are secure and out of reach at home, it is advisable to invest in a gun safe.

  1. Put All Medications Behind Lock and Key

The medicine cabinet is a common hiding place for prescription drugs, however it is imperative that homeowners remove any medications from the cabinet before any house viewing. Having this safeguard in place helps prevent prescription medications from being stolen and used for illegal purposes. A medicine cabinet with a lock and a discreet location during showings might mitigate this concern.

  1. Clean off your desk

Many people in the post-COVID-19 period now use their houses as workplaces. Homeowners should be cautious of what is plainly visible during showings, since potential buyers may go through drawers and cabinets to find personal items. There is a danger of identity fraud or worse when handling documents containing sensitive information

  1. Locks and doors

Real estate agents should always lock up a client’s property after a showing, but it’s not uncommon for a door to go unchecked. Homeowners should also double-check the locks on all exterior doors and windows after each viewing.

Safeguard your priceless treasures, exquisite jewellery, and ancient artefacts just as you would your guns and medicine. Valued possessions, whether emotional or monetary, ought to be protected against loss or theft.


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