10 billion Snaps are sent daily….BILLION!

Posted 2 years ago by Nicole Healy

What Do VR, Beacon Marketing and Mobile Coupons Have In Common? Big Brands On Board!

With Snapchat tacking on zeros when it comes to billions of video views, Kellogg’s Co. getting into the VR game with a Captain America game and Unilever’s traditional mustard brand Maille leveraging beacon marketing to engage consumers; these mobile marketing innovations can no longer be called the “new” but rather the “now”. This week’s article round-up highlights staggering statistics and big brand case studies in mobile. Much along the same lines as the upcoming Mobilenomics Summit, June 5-7 in San Antonio, TX.

This Week’s Headlines:

Snapchat Is Getting 10 Billion Video Views A Day. Now What?
Whether you understand Snapchat or not, the numbers don’t lie. Snapchat sees 2 billion more video views per day than Facebook or a whopping 10 billion. Now we know there are still some hurdles to jump, but this sounds like a fantastic opportunity for marketers to reach that ever coveted millennial audience. Check out this crash course of ways you can snap your way into customers’ pocketbooks.

Kellogg Co. defeats advertising aversion with Captain America VR game
Kellogg Co. brings Marvel’s Captain America alive through a VR game where you too can become a superhero. They likely think you’re a superhero for purchasing their goods and to recognize this greatness, they’ve partnered and created a compelling way to reach consumers. Through a purchase of select products, you can swap your receipt in to receive a Marvel branded cardboard viewer. From there it’s as easy as attaching the viewer to your smartphone and defeating Captain America’s enemies.

Unilever’s Maille tastes mobile’s potential with beacon campaign targeting foodies
Unilever’s Maille mustard boldy jumps into the digital marketing world using beacons to reach consumers. See how this traditional brand is using beacon marketing to raise awareness ultimately getting the brand earned media as a result.

When Trump Tweets, Who Listens — And More Importantly, Who Cares?
With nearly $2 billion in free media, Trump, who claims he hates it, sure has benefited from what exposure it has offered him. There is something to be said for aknowledging social media for the powerful earned media tool it is.

Mobile Makes Sense For Younger Shoppers
Want to reach 26 to 34 year olds while shopping? (That’s a rhetorical question). 64% of this segment is using their mobile device while they shop. 40% of those reported do so “to find coupons and compare pricing” according to Retale’s President, Pat Dermody.

How Mobile Marketers Can Build Brands via Coupons and Loyalty Programs
You want to know how not to piss off consumers and save yourselves ad dollars in accidental clicks on tiny mobile screens? Two ways: loyalty programs and coupons. Here are key findings to support how a strong integrated loyalty/couponing program will bode better with consumers than the one size fits all banner ad.

Multitasking On The Rise Among TV Viewers
Tell us something we don’t know! Internet users simultaneously using digital devices while watching TV will increase to 85% by year end and is estimated to grow to 92% by 2018; these numbers are staggering. Between this and cord cutting’s growth, TV viewership continues to slip.

Havas Worldwide Just Dropped the (Giant) Mic on Canal Street’s Post-it Wars
And just for fun…the ultimate mic drop. Well done Havas!